Finance Friday: Make Good Choices! Especially at Age 50!!

“Make good choices!” That was Jamie Lee Curtis character’s advice to her high-school daughter (Lindsay Lohan) in the very funny movie Freaky Friday. That same advice is sooo true for our retirement decisions, particularly around age 50. Research indicates our cognitive abilities may start declining as early as age 45. As we get older into our 60s and beyond, we mentally shift responsibility for our decisions to “experts.” While there’s nothing wrong with relying on experts per se, seniors in particular often fall prey to alleged experts who turn out to be wolves in sheep’s clothing. Age 50 turns out to be about the prime time to make and plan for retirement decisions you’ll need to make in your 60s and beyond. So make good choices, while you can!


About Mike Wilson

Michael L. Wilson, MBA, CFP®, CRC®, is the owner of Integrity Financial Planning. Prior to founding Integrity in 1998, he worked for two years as a faculty member at the College for Financial Planning in Denver, training other financial advisors. Mike has 10 years of experience in the mutual fund industry, having worked with Fidelity Investments and Invesco Mutual Funds. He holds an MBA in Finance from Baylor University. Learn more about his work at
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