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Retirement Readiness: That Which Starts Well, Ends Well

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Want to know the secret to reaching your financial goals for retirement? It’s two simple steps, one for when you are working, and the other concerns when you retire. For Workers (Retirement Savers) The first secret is to save a … Continue reading

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Ugh, It’s Blazin’ Hot Already in Indiana. Time to Move to Canada, ey?

It already feels like summer here in northern Indiana, and the weather forecasters are predicting a hotter-than-normal summer. Since these temps feel so unusual, it must be time to move to the cooler climes of Canada, ey? Of course, no … Continue reading

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Buy Several Annuities for Safer Guaranteed Income

We all love guarantees. And when it comes to retirement, we especially like the idea of guaranteed lifetime income. After all, no one wants to run out of money before they run out of life. There are only a few … Continue reading

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Why the 2000s Were GREAT for Retirement Savers

The US stock market was essentially flat for the 2000s, the so-called “lost decade.” So how can that be such a great deal for investors who are saving for retirement? It all depends on your perspective looking back and what … Continue reading

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The Best On-Base Percentage Investment Strategy: Diversification

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In the baseball world, the on-base percentage (OBP) statistic tells us how often a player makes it safely to a base. That’s important because only base runners can achieve the ultimate goal for their team: scoring runs. In the “good ol’ … Continue reading

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Finance Friday: The Real Value of Those Retirement Projections

There’s an old joke about a business owner and his tax preparer. After giving the tax preparer all his relevant tax info, the business owner asks “How much do I owe?” The tax preparer shows the business owner the bottom … Continue reading

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Today’s Headline: Shark Attacks Investor!

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Call it the “Jaws” phenomenon. A shark attacks some beach-front swimmer somewhere in the world. The news media picks up the story, and for a few days (at most) we all learn about shark attacks as various experts describe why … Continue reading

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