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Investment Risk for Retirees

In our ongoing series on risks faced by a retiree, this time we want to talk about “investment risk.” When we’re saving for retirement while working, we hopefully never have to sell a retirement investment to generate income. We’re working … Continue reading

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Fighting Inflation in Retirement

Last week we talked about longevity risk, which for retirees basically means outliving your money. Another risk that quietly creeps in during the retirement years is inflation. You may also hear this called “purchasing power risk,” and it essentially means … Continue reading

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The 4 x 14 Portfolio™ Updated with 2012 Performance Data

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A Hassle-Free, Well-Balanced Investment Strategy for:            IRA Investors           401k and 403b Savers           Retirees Who Need Retirement Income The 4 × 14 Retirement Portfolio™ One of the most important decisions to make as a retirement investor is the … Continue reading

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Compounding: A Two-Edged Sword

We’ve all seen the IRA illustrations showing how a deposit of $2,000 per year for x years growing at y % results in lots of dollars at retirement. For instance, $2,000 per year for 30 years at 7% grows to … Continue reading

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Finance Friday: Don’t Be Like Prince Harry.

Poor Prince Harry. Caught with his pants down while in Las Vegas. But how many of us are going to be caught with our financial pants down when we reach retirement? To avoid future financial embarrassment, start making good choices … Continue reading

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Your New Job in Retirement

If you are already retired (or will retire soon), are you ready for your new job in retirement? I’m talking about you being your family’s retirement income manager. You see, if you’re like many Americans nowadays, this will be your … Continue reading

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Big Decisions Near Retirement

As you approach retirement, if you’re like many soon-to-be retirees mentioned in various surveys, you have a big question to answer: how will you convert your retirement savings into lifetime income? In other words, you’re transitioning from the “savings phase” … Continue reading

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