Finance Friday: Retirement Rollover Tips

If you’ve changed jobs or expect to, you’ve got some key decisions to make regarding your retirement plan from your old job. Should you roll your retirement savings to an IRA? There are advantages and disadvantages, and of course a few exceptions to the rules!

Watch for advantages, disadvantages, some exceptions to the rule, and how to best roll retirement plan money from a 401k or 403b to an IRA–all a part of maximizing your retirement readiness.


About Mike Wilson

Michael L. Wilson, MBA, CFP®, CRC®, is the owner of Integrity Financial Planning. Prior to founding Integrity in 1998, he worked for two years as a faculty member at the College for Financial Planning in Denver, training other financial advisors. Mike has 10 years of experience in the mutual fund industry, having worked with Fidelity Investments and Invesco Mutual Funds. He holds an MBA in Finance from Baylor University. Learn more about his work at
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